What We Do

Our objective is to perform the following services once the welfare center starts working:

– To give proper treatment to ill and injured animals at their respective places. The concerned person, who comes along with injured animals, will have to take back the treated animal from the center.

– The injured/ill animal should be taken care of in a well – equipped hospital and after having completely cured that animal, it should be sent back to his respective area.

– During the treatment, the animals are given rabies vaccine. This makes the people of that respective area safe and helps to bring some affection towards the animals.

– All the birds that get injured during the festival of Uttarayan should be brought to the hospital and will be given proper treatment.

– To establish a shelter house, where in the handicapped birds and animals are given a roof.

– To bring awareness among the citizens different kind of activities will be organized.

At present, due to limited amount of funds, our organization has decided to start the project by dividing it into 3 stages/ departments + OPD + Mobile van (transport). It serves the animals at the respective place or it is brought to the welfare center.

To establish a hospital consisting of proper treatment, conducting laboratory test and well equipped operation thearter which serve the animals.

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